Thursday, 27 September 2007

2007 OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival 002Lantern Festival 012Lantern Festival 010Lantern Festival 008

Crowds gathered in Adelaide at Elder Park on the River Torrens to celebrate Moon Lantern Festival. There were many school groups who had made lanterns as part of their Asian studies.

Sally Heinrich has written a wonderful book "The Most Beautiful Lantern" -check it out.

There were lanterns of many different interesting themes, bright colours and wonderful shapes.

The moon must be shy because it hid itself all evening under a haze of cloud and then in the middle of the night fell as lovely garden rain. I think the moon really enjoyed its parade.

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Kate said...

Maggie, you and Bob are great the way you go off and do all these things. I am not good for much after dinner, unless I get a bit of a push . I wish I had gone now, as always.