Thursday, 27 September 2007


How wonderful it was to be invited to the garden of our new mum and her 6 week old baby. She certainly has more energy than I remember having when I had babies ! Christie has something to say about every single plant in her pretty garden which is the first sign that her husband has married a true gardener and had better prepare now, for the inevitable progression from gardening being a hobby to being one's life-force !

Vegetables are creeping quietly into most corners of what was probably once a 'normal' garden and there are even whispers about removing some pesky tree that casts too much shade for growing top-rate vegies. Oh no, I have been there with my ultimatum " the tree moves or we move" !

Spinach, Asian greens, peas, celery and rhubarb rub shoulders with butterfly attracting local plants and several citrus in tubs. There is an old nectarine in one corner and the neighbour's fig hangs over in the fence in the other.
Anything inedible is succumbing to the trowel and the 2 chooks are doing their best to eat the weeds and dig up the strawberries.

All the while Peter snoozes in a magnificent old pram - a family heirloom restored by Christie's brother, I think.

I am pretty sure that in a few years they will be out hunting for more land or eyeing off the neighbour's back yards as places to plant pumkins and melons !
Thanks for having me around and good luck with feeding little Peter from your great garden.

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