Sunday, 2 September 2007

Happy Fathers Day

This is the day all Fathers get to do what they always long to do , check out the blog and then try to decide which recipes they will make - Kath or kate's orange cake, Kate's Indian Chicken or Maggie's Persian Herb Omelet.

Then they will be checking out the other links to build a cold frame like Deb or enrol in some of her courses.
Then maybe build a chook house like Kate's or install some rain water tanks like Andrew and Cath.
Gardengal has just done a cheesemaking course, then there is always the compost and all the seeds to sort and get started.

Then there are all the articles, links and other blogs to read.
Looks like it is a great day to be in the garden
Have a great day !!!


Kate said...

Maybe at your place, Maggie but we are going sailing (again and again and again !!)

Maggie said...

Sailing sounds good ,that is a much better idea.