Sunday, 2 September 2007


After reading Bob's article I went to the ecogeek site and found some interesting things. Then I came across this. I have extracted a paragraph from the article. Read the rest at:

The people at Organitech have been creating systems to create leafy vegetables in fairly sterile hydroponic greenhouses for some time. The plants grow extremely quickly, are entirely free from pests (and dirt) and almost all of the harvesting is done by robots, so there are no labor costs. But now Organitech is looking to remove that last vestiage of nature...the sun. They're thinking of turning the hundreds of thousands of discarded shipping containers that are too cheap to ship back to China into organic farms. The shipping containers could be filled with racks of hydroponically grown, pesticide-free, disease-free, low-water-using plants all controlled robotically for optimal yield. The containers could then be stacked creating, in essence, vertical farms that would have a per acre yield of thousands of times more than conventional farms. The container farms could be distributed throughout the world, and would produce food from Siberia to the Sahara as long as they were plugged in.

Is this madness or an invention to temporarily feed people in dire circumstances like wars, natural disasters, future climate-change catastrophes etc ?

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