Sunday, 9 September 2007


You may think it fanciful, but this is where I will live one day. I will have no more water problems, no snakes, no bushfires and drought will be 3 weeks without rain and I might have to buy a hose, to get by. It will never get above 30 degrees and, all in all, it will be heavenly. Of course there will be challenges, like where to build my stone cottage and how to keep my winter vegetables from freezing, but I reckon I am ready for such things. New Zealand and I are friends and all of you will be welcome to visit. I hope there is broadband or I may have to give up on the blog ! This piece of prime land is on sale for a mere $6,000,000. I wonder if they would sell me just a tiny bit of the 1,200,000 square metres (how many acres is that). This photo was taken in summer - nothing brown in sight !

This is more affordable and comes with a mooring. On an island in the Marlborough sounds this 1.2 hectares is where we will moor our sailing boat and go for a break from the spectacle of the mountains .

Find paradise, then find a road that goes there.

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Pattie Baker said...

Kate: I LOVE that line--"find paradise , then find a road that goies there." Or I suppose we could build a road that goes there, right? I'm going to be thinking about this all day. Thank you!