Friday, 7 September 2007


Tony is the bloke whose 4 acres produce so much of the organic vegetables that are sold in Wilson's Organics, in Gouger Street. I met up with him again there today when he was delivering his produce to the shop and talked to him for ages - I kept saying "I mustn't keep you" but he said "No, no, no there is no rush." So refreshing. He was interested in our group and told me about his 4 acres in Salisbury which is evidently surrounded by housing now that all the old Italian blokes have 'moved on', so to speak. He has been on 'The Cook and The Chef ' TV show recently, when Maggie Beer went to get some fennel to cook .(She should have come to my place !) I didn't mention this as it must be annoying.
We have a definite invitation to visit him in November. He specified a Wednesday afternoon (not me) rather than the weekend, so I am sorry for those people who won't be able to come. Is there anything else on in November that we should consider ? I guess Maggie will tell us ! In the next couple of weeks I need to ring and make a day so please leave a comment here if you have a preference for a date.

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Maggie said...

The 7th or the 21st would suit me best.