Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Miners Lettuce

Earlier this week we had a veggie tasting with the year 2/3 children from Heathfield primary as part of ‘Eat up your greens’
They really liked the juicy Miners Lettuce .When we returned to the garden to identify the veggies we had just tasted they busily picked and consumed as much as they could get away with. We have also enjoyed this juicy green all winter and I've just planted a new batch as it can be grown from early spring right through to early autumn.

Here is the description from the Kings Seeds catalogue.

Miners Lettuce
claytonia perfoliate or montia perfoliata
winter purslane/claytonia
A dainty looking hardy annual with its early leaves borne at the end of short stalks followed by quantities of heart –shaped leaf pairs each wrapped around a white flowered stem. The leaves look attractive in any salad and have a wild and fresh taste. Pick as needed as plants re-grow readily. Can be cooked like spinach. Allow 10-15 cm between plants.

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