Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Seeds and the Full moon

All those of us who planted our seeds yesterday ( 2 days before the full moon) have an extra big smile today. Not only was it the ideal time to plant but it rained (9.5mm) and there a few more showers to come in the next few days. Maybe more of a 'Kate skippity doo' feeling.
I find seeds always germinate and grow better when it rains than when they have to be watered.
Lilly Kolisko who carried out sowing experiments showed most dramatically: plants sown under a full moon influence were markedly stronger and larger than those sown under a new moon influence. She made a very interesting discovery:’ Plants must be sown a few days before the moon is full; if we want them to benefit from the maximum full moon effect, they must be placed into the main stream of the waxing moon forces. When choosing the day of the full moon itself, the process of germination comes under waning moon forces.

You may like to try a planting experiment your self. Plant one variety of radishes every 4 days Try and keep the conditions similar. You can then observe germination rates, as they grow growth rates and when you harvest them after the same number of days you can then observe which if any plantings grew better roots, tops or either you may be surprised. A good project for a group of gardeners! Such results will show the effects of the whole 4 lunar cycles, which are all about 4 weeks long, though none are the same, which results in ever changing relationships.
The cycle your most familiar with is
Water is the mediator of lunar forces. Consider the moons effect on tides and since 80% of a plant consists of water, then the effect on sap movement would be significant. Lunar forces are associated with fertility and the power to regenerate species.
It has been found that seeds germinate better & grow faster if planted 2 days before a full moon.
Medicines such as drenches are also more effective on full moon.
Moon affects moisture contents of the plant. e.g.
Full moon fruit or veggies are juicy .Great for eating now!
New moon –harvest fruit & veggies that need storage
Hay dries faster if cut on new moon
Best timber is cut at winter new moon less sap.
Prune on New moon
Transplant seedlings

We had a French WWOOFer who only had his haircut on the new moon. He thought everyone else did too. It’s said to grow more slowly!!
I'll share the other 3 cycles in the future Stay tuned.
In the mean time check out the planting calendar


Pattie Baker said...

Thank you for this! I never understood all this before, and you made it so simple and logical. Makes perfect sense now!

Kate said...

After the biodynamics day I ordered online 4 of the moon planting guides by Brian Keats.If anyone wants one I will bring them to Fern Ave next time. They are $15.This lays out what to do when, month by month, according to the moon phases.