Wednesday, 26 September 2007


I never write about the other beautiful things that live in my garden.

Some of them take you far away, like the native dendrobium orchid (below) which emits an intoxicating scent only when the temperature is over 18 degrees.

Others take your breath away with their strength and colour when you turn a shady corner and the afternoon light reaches them, ever so briefly, such as the clivias (above), currently putting on a truly magnificent show.

At the moment, though, my favourite is the convolvulus given to me by Joy (below) - it has burst forth with a display of bells that almost ring in my ears with joy !

Then there is the indestructible strappy little plant (below), that the primary-school library-lady gave me ever so long ago, with its display of unreal colours and shapes.

I love all the plants in my garden, some like old friends, some like new acquaintances and some because of the people who gave them to me.

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Chook said...

Thank you very much for letting me come and visit yesterday. I knew you had an amazing vegetable collection and I wasn't disappointed but I was surprised at how pretty it all looks. Your garden has a wonderful overall feel to it and looks fabulous. Sometimes when we spend so much time up close, we forget how good the whole lot looks as one. When a newcomer stands back and sees the whole picture, they don't notice the little jobs that haven't been done yet!