Thursday, 6 September 2007

One of those days

Today started off just as any other day with a long list of thing to do & excitement in anticipation of getting them done. My first job was to erect a grape trellis along the western side of the tunnel house pretty straight forward. I put in the droppers all in a nice straight line, one was a couple of inches higher so I tapped it down at the same time water erupted all around, buggar I had hit a pipe but what was it doing there & not very far down!!!****
I ran all the way up to the tank & turned off the tap, confessed what I had done to Quentin, who was busy in the shed, he just groaned at the fact he would have to fix it. I was instructed to find the pipe & dig around it. Which I did much to our surprise it was the main from the bore a 40mm pipe but even odder was it was accompanied by 2 solenoid wires. Where did they go???
Quentin went off to the hardware shop & returned with a neat joiner thing like a telescope, he was preparing to fit it, checked the green glue was still ok, I was asked to pass the red primer , I said its empty , what do you mean? Came the reply, back to the hardware. Now it was easy to fit & now needs time to set & water can be turned on again tonight.
Exhausting really especially with the constant noise & distraction of the property next door being clear felled ( Of pine trees) I have 2 upset dogs that like me are used to the birds & silence & after 2 days nerves are getting frayed. Some of these pines are huge especially the ones on the fence line. They are using a huge excavator to push on the trees while they are being cut ensure they fall up hill onto their property. The last one the machine was sitting on angle on a slope that I have trouble standing on & I was hoping it stayed there & not slip down into our valley.

Next on my list was to prune the Kiwifruit but the noise & distraction was too great, so I’ve come inside & made a yogurt cake for tonight’s biodynamic meeting. I must put the recipe on the blog as it’s yummy & very easy. I’ll forget the rest of the list as they can be done tomorrow.

While I was in the tunnel today I noticed the great difference in my tomato seedlings both planted 2 days before the blue moon in July.

Batch 1 in seed raising mix, bottom heat 30o germinated in6-8 days

Batch 2 planted in the bed of tunnel germinated in 12-15 days.

I let you work out which is best!


Kate said...

That sort of ongoing noise is very stressful but can you get the pine for firewood? Sounds like you would have a lif-time supply if you could.
Those little tomatoes are a sight for sore eyes - I never cease to be excited by a new season being heralded in with the germination of, especially, tomato seedlings.

Maggie said...

Well, as a novice vege gardener, it looks to me as if batch 2 was slower to germinate but they look stronger plants, batch 1 look 'leggy'.What will batch 1 look like in 12 days. But when I blow the picture up, I am not sure what do others think?
I like these questions thats how we will learn.