Thursday, 6 September 2007

Seedy Sunday 2006

October the 1st last year was when we first sliced the pumpkin .
From then on we have saved the seeds, grown the seeds, and eaten the pumpkins.
So I think we will be 1 year old.
We have gathered members, seeds, plants, a blog (thanks to Kate).
We have shared garden chats, recipes, photos and now we are sharing skills we have.
We have made contact with Pattie from Foodshed and enjoy her daily articles.
We have celebrated International Kitchen garden Day with the world.
We have made contact with other bloggers and gardening links.
We have been on some great outings together.
We have had some unbelievable food feasts together.
But most importantly we have saved seeds and shared seeds.
We have experienced generosity of spirit, fun, laughter and frustration over lack of rain.
We have also shared friendship and connectedness with each other and with nature.
So thank you all for your contributions and many, many happy memories.
PS. We have also had a baby, (well not really!) and we are happy to make baby Peter a life long member of the Hills and Plains Seedsavers group.

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