Friday, 14 September 2007

Wattle Seed

Pattie from Foodshed is asking what we know about wattle seed . Check her blog.

I am keen, as many of you are to learn and use Aboriginal Native Foods (Bush Foods).

I have, as you all know, warrigal greens and lemon myrtle.

My spice box contains wattle seed, which has a roasted coffee, hazelnut, mocha flavour and can be used as a beverage or put in muffins, cakes and savoury dishes.
I have not tried it in beer making but I imagine it's a good combination for a rich brew.
I use Tasmanian mountain pepper all the time and love its strong flavour.

When we went on holiday to northern NSW I planned our short stay so I could go to the Byron Bay markets . I was so delighted to find someone selling Bunya Bunya nuts, she had gathered from the rainforest. She also had native finger limes which would have to be one of the best foods ever. They glisten and have a caviar like translucency. They are explosions of tiny lime bubbles that are wonderful on freshly caught fish or an avocado salad.

We must go to Tumbeela for a visit and wander through the native plant gardens, I think it is open on Saturdays.

The Aboriginals have lived here for thousands and thousands of years, lets find out more about these foods and medicines.

From Earth to Plate: Tasting Australia Guided Walks
Take a guided walk around the gardens to see native and introduced plants that give us spices, herbs, drinks, jams and fruits. Look and learn about the source of the ingredients in the foods we love to eat.
When: 2pm daily, Saturday 13th–20th October
Where: outside Visitor Information Centre,Schomburgk Pavilion
Cost: gold coin donation
Bookings essential – ring 8226 8803


Kate said...

There is always an advert in the organic Gardener by a small nursery that sells bush food plants near Adelaide and I have always meant to go there. So, I will ring them and get their openning hours and organise for us to go there ASAP.We can't let Pattie think we don't even know about our own heritage!

Kate said...

That place has gone out of business. I spoke to a lovely man who grows muntries at Mt Pleasant who runs workshops on them.Where did we have the info on the bush foods day that I forgot to go to ?

Pattie Baker said...

Kate or Maggie: Can you send me your email? I have an offline question for you. I'm at

Vic Cherikoff said...

I know many readers are interested in growing Australian foods but perhaps there might be some interest in the current edition of the Readers Digest's publication called health Smart. It includes a run down of the top ten Australian foods and a few recipes as well. You can get it in supermarkets, newsagencies and by subscription but I am about to post a copy of the story on Australian ingredients on my website.

As always, you can get ingredients through my on-line store.

And check out Best Backyards tonight at 6:30pm on Channel 7 for a piece on my place.

Anonymous said...

Tumbeela sell plants as well. You can visit them at Verdun & they are also at the Stirling market,4th Sunday 10- 4pm