Saturday, 15 September 2007

Veggie Bits & Peices

Pumpkin Seeds
I have found a few varieties of pumpkins with edible seeds. In the Kings catalogue I found
Austrian Oil Seed
A pumpkin with completely hull-less seeds that yield valuable green pumpkin seed oil. The mature pumpkin weighs 3-5 kg, are striped green on orange & the flesh is very thick with good eating properties. The cavity is filled with large dark green seeds which are tasty when eaten raw or lightly roasted. Semi bush short vine plants. I’ve ordered some of these, if anyone else would like to try I’ll share some seed
Baby Bear
A mini pumpkin 600g-1kg good for pies with semi hullless seeds that are good roasted

In the Eden Catalogue I found
Styrian Hull-less
Beautiful eating seed fresh or dried. By the picture (striped green on orange /yellow) it’s properly the same.
I find often seeds have the same description but different names from different seed companies.

Too many Flavours
Last night I watched part of the Jamie Oliver program with carrots & beets, I grow my own vegetables because they have great taste. Over winter the carrots are so sweet the best way to enjoy them is straight from the ground, wash & enjoy. I found all his recipes had too many added flavors. Before watching this we had the most delicious roast goose with fruit & herb stuffing & baked vegetables, pumpkin, Swede, parsnip from the garden & also potatoes & sweet potato. The flavour where exceptional & apart from homegrown herbs, garlic onions & apple in the stuffing nothing else was added. Some of the goose fat from cooking was used to cook the vegetables. (The best chefs will tell you goose fat makes the best roast potatoes) You don’t eat it everyday so it’s fine & better for you than olive oil on everything which does not like to be exposed to high temperature. I thought the idea of a wood over was unique flavour but it would have been lost in this sea of flavour.


Maggie said...

This is exactly right, when you have fresh home grown produce it has heaps of flavour and only some herbs or spices to compliment the basic ingredient. Not all of us have home grown goose on Friday night!
Yes goose fat is prized by chefs all around the world,probably not as good as goose from a biodynamic farm called Nirvana.

Kate said...

You are right Deb. I love the pure taste of our wonderful vegetables, unembellished but I still love the show! We had to eat out at a pub recently and the food looked nice but lacked any sort of flavour except by adding some of the offered sauces and dressings. Dreadful. That is not food.