Thursday, 18 October 2007

Alice's Kitchen

I have just met Linda and had a look around her garden and watched her cooking in her kitchen. She has written a book called 'Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking'.
Just when you think you have enough vege's planted for summer you think of other dishes you would like to cook in summer and of course their will be more plants you will need to put in the garden.

Lucky for us Diana and Jen's passion for different plants has been already thought of and we can head of to the Farmer's market to purchase their 'babies'.
Check out the Kitchen Gardeners International link to see a video of Linda's Lebanese kitchen garden and another blog, called 'Cooking Up a Story', that you will want to visit .

Alice's Kitchen


Kate said...
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Kate said...

Now I have found it and I have copied some of the recipes and I think I would like this book for Christmas. This is the letter to Father Christmas blog isn't it ?

linda dalal sawaya said...

here's the link to my website to watch the video, and order the cookbook, and much, much more!

thanks so much!

academic said...

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