Friday, 19 October 2007

Buildings dressed in Leaves

When I checked out the French vertical garden it reminded me of the 'urban forest' that was growing across the road from where I was staying in Nice. Actually the house,part of what you see on the right also had pines growing on balconeys and roof but was not quite as advanced.
When I got my photos out I thought you'd like to see a few others.

Unlike around here, where people always express concerns that plants damage houses,French houses have all manner of vegetation growing on them on . These are some places I stayed. It was early November.

This is a garden at the Goetheanum(main building in background) main HQ for Steiner studies in Dornach, Switzerland.

For Kate. A few cold frames at the Goetheanum

A community bread oven near Brioude. Sylvie is hoping to restore it.

Finally a woven fence- if you want to know how to do this, Then on Nov 11th , 'weaving a bit of magic' at Nirvana Farm see calendar for details.


Maggie said...

Your photos are great and the woven fence fantastic.

Kate said...

The seeds frame photos make me think that maybe my next effort will be sliding lids that can be shunted along a row of wooden walls to the next area.Trouble is, mine would have to fight with overgrown fennel and the leaning tower of spinach !Thanks, Deb for some lovely shots. I won't show Roger the messy French way as he is currently outside trying to get the ivy off the laundry windows and also pulling it away from the windows in Alex's room where it is growing inside !