Saturday, 6 October 2007


I found this lovely blog recently called 'The Garden on the Hilltop': Living a nourished life - growing veggies and fruit for my small family on a danish island.

How lovely to be able to look for food in the woods. I know we could too, if only we had some aboriginal friends to help us.

That blog is part of the 'Nourished' magazine website. I subscribe to the newsletter - its free - and very interesting.


Maggie said...

Thanks for this site Kate, it's great. I woke up this morning thinking about "connectedness" and "being nourished" and the way blogs and web sites can provide all sorts of information for people.
Then suddenly with a click of a finger I am in a Danish garden
Another click of the finger and I am looking at Pattie gorgeous red russian kale "babies" and reading about the wonderful video clip the Fantons and seedsavers around the world have made! Fantastic!

Kate said...

You make it all worth while, Maggie.I love all that too.