Friday, 5 October 2007


I collect things that may be useful one day then put them in the recycle bin when I have not used them. As soon as I do this I find how I could have used them.
Does anyone have a use for empty wine bottles or yoghurt containers?
Do you have any thing you are throwing away which may be useful for someone else or are you looking for something?


Pattie Baker said...

Maggie: The Oakhurst COmmunity Garden built a sod house with wine bottles in the mud wall for support. And the E. Rivers Elementary School made a fabulous bug that is hanging in the garden out of yogurt lids! I'll email you the photo.

gardengal said...

What sort of yoghurt? If its jalna you can make millipede trap.

Kate said...

Are you back gardengal, or are you blogging from afar?

Anonymous said...

Better save some of the wine bottles for your fruit wine making adventure.
You can cut up yogurt containers to make plant lables.