Thursday, 4 October 2007


Look at these wonderful loaves of sourdough. Can't you just smell the aroma and feel that crisp crust . Think of sinking your teeth into that chewy texture and savouring the sour taste of home-made sourdough bread. One is medium rye with walnuts and the other is half wholemeal with LSA meal. The cooked rolls have been eaten even before I took the photo!
This is the result of a skill Deb shared with Maggie and me a few weeks ago and now we are cooking it all on our own. Thanks again Deb.
Maybe there is something you would like to know how to do. Go to the skills to share and put in a request.....


Maggie said...

Yes, it is a great starter Deb gave us. I love the real sour flavour of this recipe. I am experimenting using different flours and they all work.
The flours with less gluten than wheat flour give a heavier bread but we like that as much as the lighter breads. I have used mixtures of flours( eg barley,rye, spelt, oat, kamult and some wholemeal wheat). Don't ask me quantities, it was just what was there at the time.

gardengal said...

Awww Gee! I missed out!

Can we do it again?

Yesterday I was watching bavarian bakers make the most fantastic looking bread and I longed to be able to do it myself. I've had lots of goes at making bread but I just don't have the knack!