Saturday, 13 October 2007

Rich Green Hues and Fragrant Air

The week that was, at Nirvana.

Spot the bee hive,lost in the rich nettles

The geese graze the orchards , always on the lookout for crows

the elderflowers are as fragrant a ever. They have many uses . the best Elderflower champagne. See recipes
This is a true Aussie Oak. The seeds where brought from England as a gift from the King to celebrate Federation in 1901.


Maggie said...

Great photos, I love the koala in the oak tree.
Last night we went for a walk along the Torrens and Maggie Beer was selling elderberry ice cream so we had our first taste of elderberry flavour.

Anonymous said...

Was that elderberry or elderflower? they are very different one delicate & the berry robust & purple (would not go with icecream)

Maggie said...

Yes Deb you are correct it must have been elderflower ice cream because it was a scented delicate taste.