Sunday, 14 October 2007


Today I worked on my beans and I did something I haven't done before - I put the name tags for them at head height. Normally I don't label any of my plants, instead choosing to write their location in my garden diary, so I can refer to it next year, or whenever. Now I seem to have so many different things I can't even remember what they are long enough to get inside and write them down, in the evening !
Barb's labels are always so beautifully written so I thought maybe I could make lovely ones too. Well, so much for that but mine are very creative, if nothing else. I wrote with pencil - it stays readable - on the back of some old labels from Diana. I then cut a slot downwards into a piece of the bamboo that Christie gave me and inserted the label. I then tied it, at head height, to the stake holding the bean frame. I now have a nice little row of these that say Borlotti, Barb's Snake, Tony Scarfo's Black Turtle and some bush beans - Romano.

Barb's snake beans were transplanted from my seed frame because I sowed them there so I wouldn't lose them and have to tell Barb I didn't know which they were!

The seed raising area is getting to breaking point with a second sowing about to begin.

Soon I will have room in the garden to plant some more of them out.

Usually the broad beans aren't ready until Nov. but this year they are early and we have begun eating them already. I think they are best briefly thrown into boiling water, then tossed with a little olive oil, lemon juice and some freshly ground pepper. We had them at room temperature, tossed together with the last of the sugar-snap peas and yet more asparagus. Even a little dill chopped over is nice. Only the olive oil didn't come from our garden but at least it came from Willunga.

The second crop of fennel is as good as the first but is so overgrown I can hardly get to it.

The Californian poppies are gorgeous now, and flower for months.

(I think I almost have the hang of this 'insert photo' thing. Finally it has succumbed to my wishes!)

Some other poppies showing us the beautiful detail of nature.

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