Monday, 15 October 2007


If anyone watched 'Rain Shadow' this week they would have seen a grave digger resting on his shovel and rolling a cigarette. This was none other than Deb's husband Quentin. So we have a movie star in our midst. OK, OK, this is just the beginning but from little things big things grow.

Great stuff Quentin. We will have to get your autograph next !

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Anonymous said...

Actually he's a seasoned Actor although this is the first paid job.All the others are about Nirvana Farm-the most recent being episode 24 of the Cook & the chef. Others include Beat the Chef,Discover,Something with Ernie Dingo,Postcards & Garden Guru.
Its usually fun, time consuming & gives you a good record of whats happening. sometimes we get all the footage taken like 90 minutes for a 3 minute bit. On rainy day i'll put the bits into my own story.