Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Yesterday I went up to Deb's to pick up these blocks of foam she had retrieved from the demolition of the freezer section of a local supermarket. I had previously said I could use them and today I did just that.

The idea was to make the top sloping and of foam for a few reasons: 1. I had discovered that when it rains (and it does, every now and then) the water pools and eventually the plastic cover on the top gives way and all those lovely seeds get washed out and 2. This will help to angle the sun in better, in winter and 3. You can't cut besser blocks with anything I have and I couldn't believe my luck when Deb offered me this foam.

Few of you, but all of my family, would know that I have terrible trouble with spacial comprehension, so doing Roger's trick and drawing up a plan is not much help - I need to get out there, with the foam and the knife and get into it. Luckily I had plenty so a few bits cut the wrong way wouldn't matter.

Well, here it is. I only cut myself a few times and discovered that foam doesn't soak up blood at all well it just smears everywhere. It is sort of like writing your name in wet concrete - there is my DNA imprinted onto that foam.

I got some pieces of very kinky fencing wire (not what you are thinking) from the shed and made upside down-U shaped 'pegs' to hold it in place. Very cool.

Now all I need to do is make up a frame so the piece of plastic becomes a lid and then I will make another lid that is covered in cloth, for those times when you need to keep the heat out, not in.
All very skippity-doo really!

ps Yesterday, after leaving Deb's I went and bought some of that milk and cream that is for animal consumption only and on the way back I bought 2 punnets of strawberries (not organic, but local ) from the Mylor store. So what? Well tonight I am going to make pavlova with the 9 eggwhites leftover from making custard a few days ago, and we will have it smothered in strawberries, red currants and that cream that is only for animal consumption ! See Maggie's recipe. ....yummmmmmmm....

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Bob said...

Looks great Kate. Deb's local supermarket freezer sure is having a wonderful afterlife.