Saturday, 13 October 2007

St Erth + Surprise orchids

Last week, we took our new son over to Victoria to meet his extended family. While we were there, I managed to find time to sneak off to the Digger's club garden, St Erth. Many of the parts of Victoria we drove through were really dry with brown lawns and dead gardens but the area where St Erth is based (Blackwood - 70 mins North West of Melbourne) wasn't as bad. There were parts of the garden I thought must have suffered from restrictions. Despite this, it was still a treat to see and something to aspire to.

On the way back to Adelaide, we stopped at a playground in Ararat to let the girls have a run around in a playground and give me a chance to feed the baby. Next to the playground was a beautiful rock garden with a tunnel, rhododendrons and lots of other plants I don't know the names of. It was a wonderful surprise to find. As if that wasn't enough, we discovered the most amazing greenhouse full of orchids I have ever seen. It was a brilliant mass of colour and absolutely spectacular. I can't describe how perfect it was. There was not one bruised petal or brown leaf in the whole display. There wasn't another person in site and I couldn't believe no one else was interested in the orchids. Had this greenhouse been open to the public in Adelaide, it would be packed with people. There was a definite bout of Kate's skippity-doo feeling at my secret discovery. It was even better because it was a complete surprise. Isn't it funny how things are so much more exciting when you don't expect them?

I've uploaded more photos of St Erth and Ararat here:
St Erth and Ararat


Maggie said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.I always look to see if their are any community gardens if we travel anywhere, we have ended up in some weird and wonderful places and met some amazing people.

Kate said...

Orchids are plants that should be grown more. I have one that was overgrown by ivy for years before we even knew it was there - so tough - and now it flowers every year.Glad you had such a great find.