Thursday, 11 October 2007

Where would I like to eat dinner tonight?

Where would I like to eat tonight, its an easy choice: potato soup & cabbage with
10the Ayme family of Tingo in Ecuador or
the Namgay family of Shingkhey village in Bhutan.
One of the best books ever is Hungry Planet: What the world eats.
Photos by Peter Menzel and text by Bryan Walsh.

Click here to view a review of this book: What the World Eats Part 1 & What the World Eats part 2

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Pattie Baker said...

Maggie: I LOVE this book! I actually interviewed the author (via email)and posted about it awhile ago on FoodShed Planet. I think about this book every single day--I'm not kidding. I found it life-changing.

Kate said...

This looks very interesting. I know it is true but how can people in all the western countries eat so much packaged stuff??

Unknown said...

And, by the way, Maggie, the photo you selected to show was my favorite one from the whole book.

Maggie said...

Advertising tells people that all that packaged, coloured, transfatty , chemical filled, sugared "plastic" stuff is food that is good for them and will make them happy and lively and popular.
And people believe it or do not have the courage to say no for themselves and their children demands.
Go to a supermarket after work one evening, it is so scarry to see busy families with trolleys of plastic stuff they are going home to eat and drink.