Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thanksgiving or Christmas Lunch

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Pattie is preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner, I don't know of any families here who celebrate a family gathering at this time.
Pattie Flat Stanley may be home by then and he will want an Aussie pavlova with passionfruit and kiwi fruit and persimmons. Sometime soon I shall post the recipe and you can start practicing.
Pattie is talking about "The Turkey" and I notice P&A Organic Meats are taking orders for Christmas for organic turkeys, pork and chickens. Barossa meats are probably doing the same.
Some Aussie families still have the traditional roast dinner for Christmas Day followed by hot steamed Christmas pudding, custard and brandy sauce.
And the cooks wait, and get stressed and hope for a not too hot day for December the 25th, the middle of summer.
Other families head to the beach and feast on fresh prawns and lobster salads.
I like to have a smorgasbord of fresh seasonal goodies.
One member of my family is very gifted in decorating the table and house to look like a festive fairyland so we usually go there and we all take some food.
As some members of my family are vegetarian I like to prepare vege dishes.
Last year I made a cold buckwheat noodle salad with fine strips of carrot, spring onion, bean sprouts,toasted sesame seeds, cucumber, coriander and toasted nuts.
A favourite starter is mini quiche (eggy things) with mushrooms and capsicum.
Moroccan Chickpea Tabouli salad is great and goes well with a mango, avocado, orange, mixed salad greens and pistachio nut balsamic dressing.
This year I think I shall make Kath's chickpea fritters but leave out the chorizo for the vego's. pavlova9
pavlova5Follow the meal with a "Pav" (pavlova) and my Auntie Wins one bowl Christmas pud ( pudding).
Food is great and a lot of what I have mentioned can come from your garden. So get planting and stop reading the blog.
Best gift ever for the garden , last night it rained, oh how happy are my plants this morning!


Pattie Baker said...

I'm going to see if I can make a pavlova in honor of my AUstralian friends! I've never seen or tasted one. Also, I'm going to explore the Asian persimmons varieties because I'm done with my local native one, unfortunately. I just keep having very bad and scary experiences with them.

Kate said...

MMMMM.... pavlova. Summer must be on its way. I made a litre of custard last night, so now I have 9 eggwhites to use up. I feel a pavlova coming on.

Maggie said...

I love Pavlova too and although its probably the only thing I would use sugar in it is fine every now and them and how great to have with all that fruit and cream.
The chicken in the post was a free range organic, it was so great and the meat was firm and delicious. Animals are meant,like humans to move around and develop muscle and be happy. The difference in the flavour of grass fed organic is a great taste sensation. I enjoyed that meal so much I can still taste it.