Monday, 12 November 2007

Back from the Brink by Peter Andrews

Did anyone see Peter Andrews on the Sunday program on the ABC yesterday - Water, Weeds and Willows? His book called 'Back from the Brink' is about natural sequence farming.

There is a good review of this book by Kirsten at her site 'planting Milkwood'. You will find this site, which also talks about Permaculture & this young couples farming journey, a delightful read. Click here to visit Milkwood


Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,
second go at leaving a message.I really am bad at this!
My husband and I did chance upon this program and found it really inspirational!
i think Peter Andrews deserves a huge amount of publicity and such a shame the pollies are all show no action...No surprises there!!
Thankyou for relaying the title of his book ,I forgot to make note of it but would love to get a hold of a copy. I think we all need to get get Deb Cantrill to start growing us willows as I have surely got the weeds and water,
best wishes Glenys

Anonymous said...

Hi all

I had the opportunity to meet Peter Andrews when he came to the Kingaroy district to discuss his methods with landholders.
I have since written to and asked questions of the then Premier Peter Beattie and asked that Peter Andrews be contacted by government so the Dept. of Natural Resources can consider introducing his methods to the wider community.
Peter Andrews has definitely approached the environment from outside the square and with current governments being reactive rather then proactive I'm not holding my breath waiting for action. I was told the govt. were investigating Peter's method but to date I've not heard the result
I will actively continue pushing for Peter's work to be recognised and implimented.

Dorothy Pratt MP
Independent Qld