Sunday, 18 November 2007

A Delicious Find

I was just wondering back from the chooks with today’s eggs when I thought I’d better check on things in the perennial garden and see what needed a bit of water. The first thing I noticed through the tall grass on the path was red luscious strawberries. I rushed inside to get a bowl thinking they would be great for dinner. In milliseconds the bowl was overflowing so I fetched a basket to complete my harvest.

For me this is fairly typical of this time of the year when orchard management takes over my life and every thing else get left although I’m still visit the veggies each morning & again at the end of the day to see what I’ll have for dinner. This season is even more like this since Quentin’s away and even when he gets home he can’t even go in the car for 6 weeks but the great news is he assures me he’ll be doing the cooking & all those inside jobs I avoid.
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve spent most of my time mowing; it gives you lots of thinking time as you pass up, down and along the orchard rows. I’ve thought of plenty of things to put on the blog but by the time the day finished I had ran out of steam.
As well as mowing I rake up some areas to mulch the berries. This carry tool is very useful & easy to make out of a bit of shade cloth, some old broom handles or similar. It’s excellent for weeding & if it’s wet the shade cloth allows drainage. I’ve made several and given them to friends who have found them useful especially over rough terrain where wheels don’t cope well.

Heres a view looking up our valley at present.

I’ve really enjoyed getting things done on my own the best parts have been working to my own schedule with no TV, radios, cricket or newspapers to interrupt doing what I enjoy.

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Maggie said...

Your place looks so great Deb you are a real inspiration with what you achieve!