Monday, 19 November 2007


Deb's Nirvana reaches a long way inside me but the nirvana we have visited these last 2 weeks, on our sailing boat, was pretty damn good. The far western end of Kangaroo Island is a very remote place, by sea, with the highest cliffs in Australia and water over 70m deep precluding much in the way of shelter for boats, if the seas build up. However, there are 2 or 3 little nooks with enough room just for 1 boat to swing on an anchor and, not being a holiday season, we had the whole lot to ourselves and perfect weather (when you are sailing this means wind, no mention is ever given of temperature !It was sunny and cool, by the way.) In the whole 2 weeks we only spoke to 1 other person (besides our daily check-in on the radio) - a cray fisherman whose story I will tell here one day. We fished now and then, cooked up all the stuff I had picked from the garden, and lived by our 3 solar panels and wind generator as well as the gas bottle ! We took photos galore and spent a couple of magical evenings on deck with a cocktail or 2 - mostly the evenings were too windy to sit outside and we had Turkish spiced coffe to warm us up, instead of cold drinks.


Maggie said...

Cool Kate really cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
the photos look great, can't wait to hear all about the trip.
We were wondering if the photo of your boat at anchorage was taken at Snug Cove!
I have been listening to Brian talk about it for over 20 years and we have yet to get there!
Well done!

Kate said...

Yep, Snug Cove it is ! Not big enough to share with your boat though Glenys !!