Monday, 19 November 2007

Bringing Back Deb's Article 'Made for Each Other'

I sometimes remember during the day a mental picture of an image one of you have created and put on the blog. So I have taken the liberty to retrieve this post before it drops of into previous post land.
I love Deb's pot and have never seen an Edelweiss plant before. I read that they are a protected plant now in some areas as so many people picked and dried all the flowers , there were no seeds left to germinate as wild flowers.
The song from the sound of music has left the Edelweiss embedded in the memories of billions of people.
A scarlet robin, more memories.
Another image I carried with me was Bret's ginkgo leaf with the sky juice. So it will probably appear again as a mental refreshment as we head into hot summer days and water restrictions.
Remember Kath's silverbeet umbrella, keep cool everyone.

Made for each other

Several years ago I came across an article about hypertuta – a type of pot made from a mix of cement, sand and peat moss. These pots were used by collectors of alpine and rock plants.
Being a sucker for a new project and keen to make some pots of my own, I made a few including a bird bath. I also experimented using small shells I brought back from Smokey Bay instead of peat. I even covered an old bath to make a pond. OH what fun I had .
They have developed with age and they have been useful as pots, housing various plants
But at Herb Day I found an alpine plant, the plant that symbolizes the Alpine regions of Europe- Edelweiss.
So it has a new home in one of my hypertuta pots.

Today I managed to photograph my favorite small bird a Scarlet Robin

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Kate said...

I saw that edelweis at the herb day and nearly bought it too, except that we were going away. I am glad Deb got it and I love the pot. We used to have those little robins here until the noisy miners moved in and scared them all away.Also glad they are at Deb's.