Friday, 30 November 2007


Yesterday I visited the JUICY GARDEN of SCOTT CREEK PRIMARY SCHOOL. You may recall Maggie’s Blog reporting on the KIDS GROW COMPETITION as part of Tasting Australia.

The winner being Scott Creek Primary School

With part of their prize money a group (almost half the school) visited Nirvana to experience more food growing ,composting, had morning tea in the willow house and also learnt that Scott Creek starts at Nirvana.
Quentin showed them the waste eliminator/worm farm and explained the importance of recycling and compost within a farm and garden and how they could do it at home or school.

I was invited to visit the school garden and meet the parents organizing the garden for the children to work in. They wanted to make their garden more organic (actually biodynamic) and they also wanted to increase the range of plants especially for grazing. We also discussed seed saving and growing from seed.

Today I decided I’d join them up to Hills and Plains Seedsavers, so the children could write about their garden, save and share seeds. I also thought it would be a nice place to visit on one of our monthly outings since you all have such wonderful gardening knowledge and skills to share.


Kate said...

It would be so lovely to have them write things on the blog, wouldn't it. Looks like they are taking their food garden pretty seriously there.

Maggie said...

I did not like going to school ,it all seemed such a waste of time learning about the Queen, Captain Cook, doing projects on the bush men of Africa.
I would have loved to go to Scott Creek Primary and have fun in that garden! What a great place to be. Thanks Deb.