Tuesday, 20 November 2007


There I was in my clean shorts and shirt, back into the throng of humanity at the Foodland carpark and what should I spy from the corner of my eye ? Besser blocks ! By the hundred ! There had been some demolition of the building next door to the supermarket and it was screened off but my sharp eyes can see useful bits of stuff even when fully camouflaged. I called out to a bloke inside the screen and he agreed to let me in so I could scavenge around in the debris for anything I wanted. As I began loading up my car with my treasure, a truck arrived and all the precious blocks and other building junk was being scooped up and dumped unceremoniously into it to go to the tip! Sacrilege! I couldn't get enough into my small car so I rushed home and got son, Alex, to drive me down again in his car and we loaded another dozen. We could have fitted more but he said to stop. Oh no. I understood why on the way home - his poor old car squeaked, groaned and scraped around every corner and bump and I hope it will recover after a little rest in the carport ! There were enough besser blocks there for evey one of us to make a seed frame but now they are all gone to wasteful-land. Still, I feel another construction session coming on and, maybe, with a bit of redesigning, I can get an extra layer on this one by including more of Deb's foam, for taller plants to get some warmth during winter.

Another skippity-doo day! Now I just need a trip to the chiropractor to re-align my back.


Pattie Baker said...

Wish I could have gotten some, too! Those would make great cold frames here as we buckle down for the winter.

Anonymous said...

Oh,Oh! I think I know what to expect at gardening group tomorrow!
Is that a touch of sciatica I feel coming on!
Actually you are right Kate,what a terrible waste!Its a shame that there is'nt a huge vacant lot some-where, where useful materials like besser blocks,general gardening materials, clean-fill,old potplants, plants in general that are to be pulled up but still have potential can't be placed for salvage by the general public.
I guess it sounds feasable but the reality may be altogether too difficult!Just imagine an elephants graveyard and treasure trove for the gardeners of S.A.??
Just a thought! G