Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Opposite the market, in Gouger Street

Wilson's food is all labelled with grower details so you can easily choose local stuff. Tony Scarfo sells his produce here too. The people are friendly and helpful and will try to get for things in for you, if you are looking for something in particular.

The customers even talk to each other and it is a lovely atmosphere. They keep prices to a minimum and organic things here are often of a comparable cost to good quality non-organic food elsewhere in the market. I buy lots of things I could get from Coles or other places, at Wilson's, such as Paris Creek milk and yoghurt, tinned tomatoes, oils, meat etc etc because the prices are within a few cents and I believe in supporting the local shops.

I have sold my excess produce to them and it gets a blue label - not certified organic. I often buy backyard produce too - Angela, who runs the shop - is very cluey about who she buys from. I wish I had some photos of Wilson's - maybe I will take my camera on Friday and get a group shot.

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Maggie said...

I don't use any tinned food at all, they line the cans with some nasty chemical. I use bottled produce instead. It is easy to find organic bottled tomato puree and paste. It is often expensive at the organic shops but if you look all the time you will find it appear in the supermarkets, Romeo's at Arkaba or Coles or Foodland often have it. I buy heaps when I find it. Other advantage is it tastes so much better.