Saturday, 22 December 2007


Before you get stuck into your ham this Christmas, read this article in the Organic Advantage Newsletter, edition 94, by the Biological Farmers Association of Australia.

Findings from a co-joint report by the World Cancer Research fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research of a “convincing link between processed meats and colorectal cancer” is good news for Australian organic meat retailers.
The report states there is solid proof that high levels of processed meat containing nitrite and other preservatives increase the risk of cancer in the colon and rectum; two key organs of the digestive system.
Nitrites are barred from use in the processing of organic meat.....
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Personally I avoid all processed meats except for 1 small ham I buy at Christmas (free range Berkshire, from "Feast" stall at the market.) and organic bacon. Roger loves sausages so I buy him organic ones at the "Barossa Foods" stall at the market (no preservatives). To me they all taste like salt and not much else. I once bought an organic ham from a butcher on Magill Road but it wasn't very good. If anyone knows of organic or free range ham done traditionally, put a comment here. This photo shows how dreadful some food has become.....It makes me feel sick, literally, to think that people put this into their bodies !


Maggie said...

I am going to pot roast a big leg of lamb for the meat eaters and the vego's I have not decided yet. Maybe Lebanese food as there is heaps of mint, parsley, tomatoes and spring onions to make fresh tabbouleh and maybe zucchini fritters or vege stuffed buckwheat pancakes or just stuffed vege's and roast vege's.
Back to the topic you wrote about the organic butcher makes good sausages (nitrate free).His bacon is good and feast have good organic minced beef, great with heaps of vege's,an egg and herbs and made into burgers or a meatloaf.

Maggie said...

I wish I could delete the photo of all this processed stuff.