Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Eleventh Hour Tapestries




It is many years ago that I first visited The Weavers of Oakbank, South Australia.

Mary Cassini and her partner were busy at work in their converted "Pikes Brewery" gallery and studio at Oakbank.

At the time I remember Mary showing me one of her Eleventh Hour Tapestries. It was so intricate and so beautiful.

I remember it was the "Healing of the Nations". As you view it online notice the words, and the leaves and the fruit, symbols for all of us. 

Click on 3 Minutes World Silence to be transported into a quiet space.

Make sure you open The Eleventh Hour Tapestries to see Mary's amazing craft.

More importantly write in your calendar 11 am on the 1st of January each year and join many people all around the world in 3 minutes silence "for everyone to remember the future and wish for peace', an idea started by Mary.

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Kate said...

I feel that this is even more relevant now than it was when the idea was conceived. If only everyone had listened then, we may not be so lost now.