Wednesday, 5 December 2007


There is a great new stall in the market called "WILD OZ". I would re-name it "FERAL FOOD" because, apart from kangaroo meat, it sells only feral animal meat. This is perfect for me as I don't like destroying the earth so I can eat, even if it is organic farming. So far I have tried the various cuts of goat, pig and deer and soon I hope they will have camel. It is all great and pretty cheap, especially compared to farmed organic meats. Now I just need to find a feral alternative to chicken and my footprint on the earth, in relation to the food I eat, will be very little.
(Look at all these feral goats in the Northern Territory. Imagine the damage they are causing.There are 2-3 million feral goats in Australia.
If more of us did this, we would not have to be destroying more and more of our native bushland to feed ourselves. There will always be people to buy the food our hard-working farmers already produce, but we could stop the spread of agriculture and even send some of our excess product to feed starving people or homeless local people.

Next time you need meat, think about going to the market and buying truly free-range feral meat. Why buy cows and sheep when you can help control feral animals and thus allow our precious native animals to regain space to live. If only fox tasted good then eventually our little bilbies could come back. I say 'bring back fox fur coats' and help the little wild mammals of Australia.


Maggie said...

Goat curry is good, I shall have to take a walk to Jamaica or India to find a good recipe. I just realized that my favourite Indian food blog Mahanandi is a vegetarian site.

Pattie Baker said...

Yikes! Kate, I think this post of yours effectively puts balance back in the world after my vegetarian post yesterday!

Deborah Cantrill said...

Kate you may like to replace chicken with blackbirds (known around here as rats that fly) I'm sure you new/old cookbook has a recipe for blackbird pie. Maybe could add a few snails & crustations (earwigs) as starters.
actually I think it's great Our main red meat has always been roo (known around here as skippy) & goat, venison, rabbit & hare pop up here at times as well.