Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Time to go to Tuscany

Join me and visit this beautiful website, written by a Swedish woman living in Tuscany who loves to cook. Scroll down the pages to see all sorts of wonderful recipes including my favourite 'Frittata con Cavolo Nero'.

We could even have cake & coffee. Lucullian Delights An Italian Experience



Pattie Baker said...

Maggie: Thanks for the link to that great blog! Maybe I'll meet you in Italy . . .

Kate said...

Italy ...oh, dear, what are you doing to us Maggie? This is magnificent !I am going to make that cassatta for my garden group next time. Come round and share it - I will let you know when.

Maggie said...

Check out Morsels & Musings Anna Australia under favourites of this Tuscan blog. Anna has a festive food recipe fair happening where you post a recipe before midnight Sunday Dec the 9th and last year she had 67 entries. It will be fun to see all the entries. Now I shall just have to
decide what to post. Around the world and back to Australia!

Maggie said...

Before you leave Europe hop over to Hastings, East Sussex and check out She Who Digs
Then check out
Welsh Girl's Allotment to watch the progress of setting up an allotment above a Welsh Valley.