Friday, 14 December 2007


Have you ever wanted to grow some delicious, yellow tomatoes ? Well, Joy has 12 seedlings just waiting to be adopted. She and her family grow them every year as they are descendants of those brought to Australia by her father, many years ago. European people seem to do a lot of this when they migrate - bring with them the best of their old country to plant in the new. I grew them last year and they went on and on producing even when they looked dead and gone. Unfortunately I didn't save any for seed, but I knew Joy would, and I look forward to adopting one or two again this year. Joy has a wonderful knowledge of plants, including vegetables and happens to be our oldest member ! So these tomatoes have been in her family's care for a long time. Hills and Plains Seedsavers will have Joy's phone number on their members sheet or you can leave a comment here. Hopefully Joy will be able to bring the seedlings to the picnic on Wednesday.

This photo is of Joy digging up some of her famous lettuce seedlings for me. Everyone must have Joy's oakleaf and cos lettuces by now. If you don't, I am sure Joy has some spare seeds. The seeds are so reliable that I reckon you get more plants germinating than the number of seeds you plant !

Today we are going to crack 5000 visits to this blog since I put the hit counter on in September. Just goes to show how the internet really does expand horizons. Now, that can't all be Maggie and me !I have gone from a solitary vegetable gardener for over 20 years to experiencing the enthusiasm and camaraderie of not just the Hills and Plains Seedsavers and the 2 newest members of my Wednesday garden group but also connecting with gardeners and cooks all over the world, in a little over one year. Where will we be this time next year ? Today the world, tomorrow the universe!


Maggie said...

Great I have started a book where we write down where we plant things in the garden and where they came from.
sometimes we forget but most of the time we remember.
I am picking tiny yellow tomatoes now would they be Joys?

Kate said...

Probably. Did you grow them from seed or get the seedlings at one of our get togethers?

Pattie Baker said...

Kate and Maggie: Can you write more about your drought and what folks in Adelaide (and Australia in general) do to cope with it? What are the rules? What are some solutions? We're stuck here in Georgia and perhaps we can learn from you.

Kate said...

Sorry Pattie, I am all done on the drought for now. Maybe in the new year. But I can tell you one thing - our local government has done nothing and people are REALLY ANGRY. I bet when the election comes closer they will start but I don't think people will forget that easily.