Friday, 14 December 2007


Well, the water restrictions here in Adelaide say that even house numbers can water using a trigger hose or dripper system from 6am to 9am Saturdays or 6am to 9am on Sundays for uneven street numbers. Or you can also water for 3 hours in the evening (5 to 8pm) on the Saturday or Sunday depending on your house number.
If you have a seniors card (60 years plus) you just ring SA Water and you get an exemption. There are times for seniors to water.
You can water, using a watering can or bucket anytime. We are using more water by flooding the garden with dripper hoses than we did when we used the hand held nozzle hose. I think the dripper hoses do a better job than sprinklers or hand held, as the water goes to the plant roots and not on the foliage.
I do think that plants do not like all the chlorinated town water and if you have tank water to use on your garden your plants will be very happy.
What would I like for Christmas, rain, rain, rain or as Brett says "sky juice".
Okay Santa please give that present to all our Global Friends!


Maggie said...

Hey,Hey Hey, there must be a Santa its raining!

Kate said...

No more than 15 spots - it didn't even register in my rain gauge !