Monday, 7 July 2008

Agastache foeniculum, my new best friend!

One of the best things about growing different vegetables and herbs for the first time are the surprises that await you as these tiny seeds or seedlings are placed in soil and tended occasionally and just left to grow and become what they are.

Our greatest surprise last summer was a herb we bought at the herb society last year.

The label said Agastache foeniculum, Tea Herb and Bee and bird attracting. I have not yet investigated the culinary uses but this one glorious plant has attracted lots of bees and obviously the bees have done there work in pollinating lots of other herbs and veggies in the garden.

I love this plant so let me introduce you to it if you have not already met.

The common name is Anise hyssop, a hardy perennial, grows to 2-3 ft (6ocm-1m), long spikes of purple- blue flowers. Grows in rich moist soil in a sunny position flowers in summer. Propagate in spring by seed or divide creeping root. Use dried leaves as a seasoning or infuse as a tea.

There is good information about herbal teas at this site The Herbal Tea Garden

If you want an adventure check out all you can do with garden herbs at Alchemy Works

I shall be saving these seeds to share with you. It is a delightful herb to have in your summer garden.

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