Sunday, 20 January 2008


Scarecrow sent me this link in an email. This must be the place to end all searches for what I would call paradise....(for those with good legs!)

"Mas du Diable is a very special place, set into the North East foothills of the CĂ©vennes mountains, in the Languedoc region of Southern France. Perched high up in a mountain crevice looking out over the valley with mountains as far as the eye can see."

They are a part of:
Association Kokopelli which is involved in the protection of biodiversity and in the production and distribution of biodynamic and organic seeds.


Maggie said...

Wow, the information on this site is amazing, thanks Scarecrow and Kate.
I am reading about there tomato harvest and look Kate people can go as helpers.

Kate said...

See you there Maggie, I am off...

Anonymous said...

Laura here from Mas du Diable, not being pedantic but just didn't want anyone to think we are more than we are. We are just a little homestead really and i grow seeds as a guardian for Kokopelli. Our best and most fun helpers always seem to come from down under.
Thanks for the kind comments about our site.