Sunday, 20 January 2008

Computer Recycling

The Unley Computer Share Project is a local initiative. Unwanted computers are collected and volunteer technicians prepare the computers for re-use.
These computers are provided free if you need a computer.
For further information
phone 8272 5881, or


Kate said...

Thanks Maggie. We have several old computers to give away.

Chook said...

What a great idea!

Lehman's Greg said...

thanks for using my picture. If you would like to read the article that goes along with the picture it is called Technology by the oil lamp it is a pretty good article, many people enjoyed it.

Maggie said...

Thanks Greg, I enjoyed your article and Lehman's site. I was hoping some one would open the picture and discover Lehman's site there are so many good articles on it, I love lots of noodles. I shall have to write about it sometime. You picture and the lamp makes me feel relaxed just looking at it!
Happy traveling and biking!

Michelle Morton said...

Nice posting "E-waste recycling " .. This is the first time I have come across your-site. Post info, I’ll be back soon. Thanks!