Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Botanical Garden Visit

After arriving at the Botanical gardens on Sunday we found the native walk was cancelled as the guide was ill. While some dispersed to check out various parts the ones who could not really decide where to go first where greeted by Botanical Gardens Guide Kate who stepped in & we where off around the Aussie plants. I was immediately engaged as we cast our eye on a huge leaves 2-3 meters long, being the spear lily (doryanthes palmeri)

I immediately saw the potential as screens & fences. I’ll have to get one or two. These where used to make fish nets. We passed & discussed many trees including the kurrajongs family, bunya pines, ribbon gums & many more finishing with the King –the River Red Gum complete with bee hive. (Not native)

We then had a relaxed shared lunch on the lawns (For the record Kate had a carton of ice coffee)

Next we investigated the economic gardens, enjoying the herbs, gourds, trellising & discussing aspects of gardening and pipe bending!

Peter checked out the giant pumpkins & we thought we should have a growing competition where the plains would be odds on favorites to win!

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Kate said...

I especially enjoyed the walk around the Economic Garden and sharing all the bits of knowledge different people had about what we were viewing.