Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Companion Gardener

I’ve just read Kate’s post on this . (I’m a bit behind as the conections are very slow at present)

While Quentin was recovering & I was flat out keeping up with just the grass growing I thought I needed an apprentice but we realy don’t earn enough to pay wages. Willing Workers on Organic Farms are fine but you tend to repeat the basics on short visits. Over the years I’ve had a couple of ‘once a week wwoofers’which worked well for both parties so I decided that’s what I wanted this year.

Then I got an email from someone wanting to learn more about gardening. We met today ,so I will share my skills each week to a very willing gardener. More than a skippity doo feeling!


Kate said...

More than a skippity doo feeling hey ! That must be something !Are you sure he (?) is just going to do gardening ??

Deborah said...

Lauren is hoping to learn as many skills as possible like breadmaking,drying, winemaking,weaving etc as well as gardening.Her first introduction was a beer making lesson from Quentin. All valuable life skills & ones she can share when she finally gets a post teaching primary students.

Kate said...

First lessons are important - nobody will be happy if Quentin doesn't have his beer ! With a helper in the brewery, even Quentin will be going skippity doo !

Pattie said...

Add new gardeners to the Victory Garden Drive list at www.victorygardendrive.blogspot.com!