Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Visit the site of Jackie French and wander through her thoughts and garden with her. My most special and inspiring garden book was Jackie's 'Backyard Self-Sufficiency' and I still love her straight forward approach to life and wonderful enthusiasm for growing food wherever you can. If I could I would put her up as Minister for The Environment, and watch a few things change in Australia pretty darn quickly!

...."The world needs longer showers! Showers are relaxing when you’re frazzled, stops your joints aching as you get older, and some of us get our best ideas when we shower too. The ‘4 minute shower’ campaign is great for governments who don’t want to spend money on proper water recycling and storage, but a short shower isn’t going to help the planet at all.I’m a bit suspicious of a lot of so called ‘green tips’. Badly made backyard compost can lead to global warming methane and cockroaches (The methane is the global warming culprit, not the cockroaches). And sometimes keeping your old stuff is a heck of a lot more earth friendly than buying new ‘green’ versions of cars or clothes....."

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Maggie said...

We all seem to have grown oldish reading Jackie French's books . I have several and am reading Yates guide to Herbs by Jackie French. It is so good she gives details of the plants needs, propagation, harvest and medicinal use. Just a good amount of information. What a great contribution to us all she has given with her writings