Saturday, 19 January 2008


Pattie, of Foodshed Planet has introduced an idea to inspire everyone to get a friend involved in growing some of their own food, at the same time "joining hands and hoes" around the world to support and learn from each other.
If each of us helped one friend get started we would be well on our way to reducing green house gasses, reducing oil consumption, eradicating obesity, saving water, improving fitness and bringing a smile to those worried faces. Personally I am going to take up the challenge - even though all my 'friends' already grow vegetables - I will have to seek out other ways to succeed.
People often say they don't have time for this and that but I point out that we all have 24 hours in every day. We may choose what to do with the time in many different ways, it is up to us. In the time it takes to drive to the shop, collect all the goods, get through the checkout, put it in the car, drive home, unpack it and put it all away, they could have prepared a small patch of ground or a couple of pots and planted some herbs or lettuce which, with a little care, will provide a quick salad many times over the next few months.
When I grow seedlings I always have too many and these I put into nice pots and give to people such as my mother-in-law. I put them on a stand for her so she can water them easily and she loves to pick the goodies. Nothing too tricky - just salad things and herbs, right by her kitchen door. It keeps her involved in the garden and gives her fresh food. All our elderly could manage this and, I am sure, would love it. When they look scrappy (no, not the elderly, I mean the plants, you meany), I take them away and bring her new ones, so she always has something on the go.


Pattie said...

Kate: Laughed out loud about your "scrappy" comment! But seriously, I ahve a coupel things to add. One, I had a yardful of children this week and if you're looking for ways to encourage more gardens, that's a great palce to start. These kids will MAKE THINGS HAPPEN if we just give them the tools and the spot.

Second, I love that you are helping your mom stay involved in gardening. One of the projects in my yard right now is a "universal access" garden. It's a bunch of clementine crates in a wooden box up on sawhorses. I'll write about it this week. The neighborhood kids are helping me make it an engaging garden environment for seniors with mobility limitations and for those with a wide range of handicaps. So perhaps building a "raised-bed raised bed," so to speak, for a nearby nursing home or elederly neighbor would be a way to spread the gardening message to folks who would really love to get back involved with gardening.

Kate said...

Sadly, Pattie, I don't jump at the idea of helping people that much - I would prefer to help the natural world survive. So the challenge will be for me to make time for people, knowing that it will help the earth too. I have considered kids and oldies but I can't imagine me doing that. I think I will be a small-scale member, encouraging 1 person at a time.