Saturday, 19 January 2008

Flowers for Andee Carlsson

I was sad this morning when I checked our Mexico link to find out that the blogs writer
had died this week.
Andee Carlsson wrote and photographed life and gardens in Chacala Mexico.
I always looked forward to reading what she had to say and I especially enjoyed the colourful photographs she took.
Although I will probably never visit Chacala a have a mental picture of the village and its people from listening to Andee's stories.
So today I send flowers for Andee and am very thankful for all the people of the world who spend time telling their stories and sharing their lives.
Names on maps become real places and real people, sharing and connecting with each other.
So click on the link Mexico to enjoy Andees colourful life lived in Chacala.


Kate said...

I am really sad about that too. Thanks for telling us. Her photography was beautiful and where she lived looked so peaceful - I hope she found it so.

Maggie said...

I clearly remember Andee saying how terrible it was that the developers were chopping down the fruit trees and even some locals were getting rid of their avocado trees and growing flowers for the Day of The Dead because they got more money for the flowers.

Allan Hardman said...

I am living in Chacala this winter, and have been honored to count Andee among my friends here. She will be sorely missed. Her contribution to the village through her gardening, blogs, helping landladies fill their rooftop rentals, and picking up trash on the beach (and encouraging me and many others to do the same) was much bigger than she ever imagined.

I keep expecting to see here everywhere I go in town, and to get to tag along with her on her rounds.

Alas, the Angel of Death does not play favorites nor does she bargain. Andee is gone, and our love for her will keep her alive in our hearts.

May her journey be swift, and filled with flowers and peace.


Allan Hardman