Thursday, 24 January 2008


Rain, twice in one week, is delicious. We've had a total of 21mm - nearly an inch.

Click on the photos to see it pouring down at my place.


Chook said...

I only got 9mm down here. I should move up into the hills!

Maggie said...

Tara and Niki leave their food bowls out at night and then measure the water level after rain, they estimate we had at least 12mm last night, it was wonderful to here the rain on the roof.
It woke me and I sat up for sometime, thats when I read every one comments on everyone else's blogs. But I never write articles in the middle of the night or I would never get back to sleep.

Scarecrow said...


...I remember that...haven't had a drop all year...not since before Xmas.
Sounds like you all got some lovely rain.
Hope your gardens enjoy it!