Friday, 25 January 2008

The Alternative Kitchen Garden Podcasts

Hi Folks
For those who haven't 'met' me yet I'm Scarecrow and live in the Mid North of SA. I've been allowed to contribute and share your blog...thank you for allowing me the chance to share some information with a 'local' (well almost) group of fellow food growers.

You've recently been given some links off my blogsite and here's another of my favourites. I've been checking the links already on here so I hope I don't double up on some, so apologies in advance if that happens!!

The Alternative Kitchen Garden Podcast page

Each week Emma Cooper from the Fluffius Muppeteus blog (which in itself is an interesting read) hosts a podcasted Garden Show.

While it is English based it's quite a novelty to be able to download these short programmes each week and listen to them in the garden or in the evenings (we don't watch TV anymore). Past podcasts are on the site for downloading.


Maggie said...

Welcome Scarecrow I have read your blog from time to time, it is great and I love all the information on it. Sorry you have had no rain maybe next week.
Thank you for all these links, once again they are really interesting and informative. We shall have to get Kate to add them to our websites of interest.
What a great idea to listen to these programs while you work.
I am always pleased to find new sites and hear peoples stories.

Deb said...

Its a pity my conection is so slow I can't see them. Maybe I'll go to the library next really hot day.

Scarecrow said...

Oh sorry Deb
I should have remembered that, we've only just got broadband connected and I've gone mad downloading things ever since. ;)
Hope you manage to hear them at the library.