Saturday, 26 January 2008

Chillies, Spring Onions, Zucchinis and Beans!

I have a lot of chillies growing in my garden.This year I decided to grow some milder varieties.
I have ancho, pimento, caysan, anaheim, hot wax, Thai chillies and purple tiger.
I have been thinking of using them in Mexican dishes but I found this image when I was looking for chilli images.
It is a Thai lunch special from Fremont in Seattle. A Pad Thai recipe with things like zucchini, beans and spring onions all of which we have in our gardens at the moment.
I think it looks pretty good so as I can not get to Seattle this week I shall try a vegetarian version with the Thai chillies I have growing.
Click on Brad Hole's Review in the Seattle Weekly.


Pattie said...

Vegetarian Thai? Count me in!

Chile said...

I love Thai food, too, but my first love is Mexican food featuring fire-roasted green chiles. They are so tasty, in fact, that I eat them as I clean off the seeds and charred skin. They also freeze very well for future use in cheese crisps, bean burritos, enchilada sauce, salsa, Mexican corn stew, tamales, etc. (Did I mention I love Mexican food? *grin*)

Maggie said...

Ok I am motivated now, I shall start thinking about what I can do besides freeze chillies, maybe chilli jam and then add it to sauces. I like your post how to dry a chilli article by riding around on a hot day with it fixed on top of your bicycle helmet! And I love that outdoor roasting drum you have. Mexico here I come!

Chile said...

LOL, Maggie. You do know the bike article was a joke, right? I go by the name Chile so it was about me, not a vegetable... ;-)

Unfortunately, I also do not personally own a roaster. Sure wish I did but they are quite expensive. I have to do my roasting in the broiler of the oven.

Have fun with your chiles!

Maggie said...

Oh okay! that's easier, broiler? We have oven and grill, probably a high temp oven would do. I shall have to look up each of the chillies I have grown.We ate a green ancho, it was good but then I read you should let them go red, then roast them.

Chile said...

Oh, no. A broiler is definitely not easier. With it, or a grill, you have to lay the chiles out flat with as little overlap as possible and turn them several times to get all sides charred. Dumping 20 pounds in a big rotating propane roaster and cranking it steadily for 5 minutes or so is MUCH easier and faster!

There are probably plans online to build your own, but in the meantime you can roast them on your grill or under the broiler.

Maggie said...

As you can now see from my recent post i do not think I shall manage 20lb of chillies this year!
A lot is a lot or a little!
I think I might roast them on my hibachi.