Monday, 28 January 2008

Red Shiso

This is Shiso growing in our garden.
I was going to write about Shiso but found this great article and 2 great vegetarian recipes at From the Foodhoe Files.
Foodhoe Foraging is another great site to visit and tells of amazing dishes from some great restaurants. The recipes look great & food photography is fantastic.
I shall be adding these to my favorites list.
The recipes are by Eric Gowers and his book Breakaway Japanese Kitchen.
Eric has a website called The Breakaway Cook.


Scarecrow said...

Thanks for this Maggie.
I've just planted more shiso seed and an earlier survivor is just starting to grow.
This is the first time I've tried to grow shiso so it's good to see what it will look like.
Yummy recipes as well!!

Kate said...

Ah, Perilla is its other name and I have read about this in my new bible 'Oriental veg" and I had it on my list of seeds to look out for. Do either of you have some spare?

Anonymous said...

greetings and thanks for the link and the promo! Interesting site you have, lots of great information on gardening, I'm going to have to dig in and catch up on some reading.